Our service serves to unlock or recover password from all files created in Microsoft Office, especaially Word and Excel files. Documents from all generations of Microsoft Office can be ulcock or broken. If your document was saved in Office 97/2000 or Office XP/2000 with standard level of protection, it should be encrypted with easy to be broken 40 bit key. In this case we can remove protection without breaking any passwords in very short time.

Stronger encryption was added to newer Office suites. Starting from Office 2007 files are encrypted with strong AES 128 bit key. It is considered very safe and is used until today in Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 2013. It is great place for our computing cluster to show its strength. While using best available, fine tuned wordlists we give you the best chance of recovering your password and regaining access to your data. Dictionary attack gives best chance of recovering password, becouse passwords created by humans are not absolutly  random. They are not randomly asorted letters, special characters and numbers, but words. Even if they do include numbers and special characters, they are still considered words becouse they derive from humen logic and humen language. Our cryptographic dictionaries were composed with use of this knowledge.

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