If you are able to log into your computer, you can easily recover any other user lost password by following few easy steps.

DISCLAIMER 1: None of the software mentioned in following tutorial was developed by our team members. Therefore  we cannot be held responsible for their proper work, nor damages that might be done to your system.  For the moment of creating this tutorial, all tested software was safe and did not contain any malicious software. But as all download locations of this software is out of our control, we cannot guarantee that your download will also be clean and safe. If you decide to follow this tutorial you agree to accept this disclaimer and to be cautious.

DISCLAIMER 2: All software used to read hashed Windows passwords is treated by antivirus software as threat. Also some web browser are blocking downloads of password recovery software. In order to be able to use any of listed applications you will have to temporarily shut down your antivirus protection. And that means your computer will not be protected for some time, it might be potentially harmful for your software and data. If it is too much risk for your application we highly encourage you to use other method using linux bootable pendrive.

  1. In order to read user password with this method, you must be able to log into Windows with Administrator Priviliges. To create PWDUMP file (that will be later used to crack Windows password) you can use one of following software: fgdump, creddump, Quarks PwDump, or pwdump7 . We will use pwdump7 in next steps of this tutorial. Information gathered are to be used with Windows 7 operating system but all steps can be taken also in XP, Vista and Windows 8.
  2. First thing to be done is shutting down antivirus protection. We want to extract user information, and any software doing this is considered as a danger for Windows security.
  3. Next step is to download pwdump7, it is available on offciall project page. Some web browsers will block file as malicious, to be able to continue you must change browser security settings or use another browser.
  4. Extract .zip archive and note the location of extracted files.
  5. Start Windows command prompt with administrator priviliges. One way to do it in Windows 7 is to click “start” and enter “cmd” into Search programs and files box. Search window will show exe. You can roght-click on it and choose Run as administrator. * Detailed instruction how to run Windows Command Prompt in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 can be found here.
  6. Enter path pointing on pwdump7 executable. We have extracted .zip file to c:\pwdump7 so our path is c:\pwdump7\pwdump7.exe
  7. Accept with Enter. If everything is ok you will get results. For every registered user there is one line of text, containgnin uesr name and hashed password. In our example we want to recover user w520
  8. Right-click anywhere in open window and click „Select all”. All printed text will be higlighted, press Enter to copy everything.
  9. Open Notepad and past copied data. We have to delete all text leaving only one line starting with username we want to crack password. Click File -> Save As. Change file type to „All files (*.*)” and name it pwdump (in our example „w520.pwdump”). Saving as text file may lead to compatibility issues.
  10. Upload created file to our server, and wait some time for cracking results.

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