Our cluster

Our cluster comprises a few dozen machines installed in a secure location. A redundant power supply system ensures the continuity of service. The applied technology allows us to flexibly scale the use of the computing power depending on the number of tasks being simultaneously completed. The computing system can be reconfigured at any given time, so there is no delay between switching from one task to another.

Development plans

At this time, our offer is among the most exhaustive in this line of business.
Nevertheless, we want to constantly expand it. We will successively introduce new services to our offer as a response to the inquiries from our customers. We also plan to upgrade our hardware in order to keep up with the growing interest in our services.

EU support

Most of the works carried out by our team and related to the development of our website have been subsidized under measure 8.1 of the Innovative Economy Operational Program titled “Support for Economic Activity as Regards Electronic Economy”.

The subsidy was granted already in 2013 and works commenced once we had secured the funds for our own contribution and for the periods of waiting for reimbursement of costs of works at particular stages. As the business environment changed rapidly, both in terms of the applied technology as well as the expectations of the market, on several occasions we had to significantly modify our plans and intentions. Nevertheless, thanks to friendly and cooperative attitude of employees of the Regional Financing Institution of the Podkarpackie Province (RARR S.A.), we managed to reach the end of the project.