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We offer service of cracking password to ZIP archives. If your file is compressed in WinZIP 8.0 or older we can break it with almost 100% effectivity. All newer password protected ZIP files uses AES encryption, and it takes a lot more computing resources but it can be done. We cannot guarantee success, but if we could not do it – no one else will 🙂

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A comprehensive attack with the objective to reveal the WPA/WPA2 or WEP key to a secured
wireless network. The offered product launches an attack on the specified WiFi network in the same way as a hacker attempting to gain unauthorized access would.

To launch the attack, you need to provide us with the name of the network to which you want to get the password as well as the Handshake file (click here to see detailed instructions on how to obtain the file). Next, you need to specify the type of dictionary you want to use. The bigger the dictionary, the more probable it is for the password to be found. Thereby, you can assess how secure your network is. If the password can be found with even a simple dictionary, the security level is rather poor…

Note! There is no guarantee that the encryption key will be found. If we are unable to retrieve the key, you can be virtually 100% sure that no-one else will. And that your network is sufficiently
protected against attacks.

Additionally, once the encryption key of the targeted network has been cracked, you will receive a special report assessing the level of security of your network.

Note! Please remember that by placing an order to crack the wireless network key, you declare that all rights to the network are vested in you and that the sole purpose of the attack is to check,
whether the network security level is sufficient. We shall not be held accountable for the illegal use of our services.

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